Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Thirty was Flirty and Fabulous!

 On my birthday, Justin went camera happy at my sister Krystal's party.

Sporting my new scarf from my sis Sheila.

It was actually a dinner so we could meet the guy Krystal is dating, but since it was on my birthday, they made a cake and sang to me. (Twice that night!)

Like I said, he was camera happy.
(Look at those awesome-huge earrings Cindy gave me! Love them.)

Justin also gave me some of my favoirtes...Gerber Daisies!
Thanks Babe.

I'm 31 now.
But I must say, thirty felt flirty and fabulous!

Easter and More

A few things that got bumped because of all the birthday excitement...

Easter evening. What's Easter without the bunny ears?

Easter makeovers, me and my neice Maddie. That was a blast! 
(We share a birthday, so happy 14th Maddie! And nice angle on this pic.)

Took him out to dinner the night before Caleb's birthday.

They brought ice cream and sang to Caleb even though he told the waitress we were just "fertending" it was his birthday today.
(Oops, caught in our lie!)

Caleb got 3 shirts for his birthday, because I knew he would
get a load of toys from his party.

We went on an overnight business trip with Justin (to Price, Utah). The hotel was like a playground to Caleb.

He liked the pool too. He wouldn't put his suit on,
but he did like splashing the BIG guy in the pool. 
Here's the BIG finish!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Baby is FIVE!

About 6 months ago, I decided that for Caleb's birthday, I wanted to hire my aunt and uncle to bring their train and have a BIG ol' party with my family, Justins family, and some families from the block. (Sheesh! I probably would've invited the entire ward if there was enough space on the train!) The kids had even more fun than I would have imagined! Here are a few favorite pics from the party...

The night started with about 20 kids playing
everywhere outside, having a great time.
Then we called them in to sing Happy Birthday and serve some cake.
 It said "Choo Choo, Caleb is Turning 5!"

Then we got out the parachute (borrowed from our neighbor) and both the kids and adults had a great time playing with it.  Especially when all the little balls were thrown on top!

Next, Caleb opened presents which was quite stressful for me because the kids crowded around really close and he tore through present after present hardly stopping to say thanks. I tried to stop him but it was no use! It's okay though, cards will go out later today and then I will feel better. (This pic was obviously taken later.)

And finally, time for TRAIN RIDES! The kids were given train shaped whistles to blow, and each passenger car had a flag that says "Happy Birthday!"  The entire scene was simply ADORABLE!

The train went up and down the street, and into the culda-sac. It would wind back and forth on the street like a snake, and turn circles so everyone on the train could look at each other. Too fun!

  They said adults could ride, so I thought "why not?" I was quite bummed that Caleb decided not to ride that time, and somehow I didn't end up with any kid on my lap,
which felt quite silly to be honest.
 (Look at the kids with short sleeves! And it got pretty cold!)

Woo hoo! I talked my friend Holly into riding too, and my nephew Kyler to sit on my lap, so I didn't look so silly the second time I rode!

After the train rides, Caleb got to climb in the engine and ring the horn and the bell. He could not get enough of this and we basically had to pry him out of there!



What a fun night. I doubt my little 5 year old will ever forget it!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dear Dennis

These are just a few things I would say if I had the opportunity to talk to Dennis (Justin's late father)...

Look how happy they look together!

Happy Birthday! I know I haven't met you yet, but that doesn't mean that I don't think about you, because sometimes I do. We talk about you to our son Caleb often. Yesterday, Alison got  some flowers and a little cheesecake to remember you on your birthday. We sang Happy Birthday, and even lit some candles. Caleb got to blow them out, which was good practice because his birthday is 4 days after yours!

Mainly I just want to tell you that you raised an amazing family and I couldn't be happier that I married into it. Your son is an amazing person, and I imagine that you must have been amazing too. He often shares memories that he has with you. What sticks out in my mind are the trips the two of you would take trips, camping trips, business trips, etc. Justin really enjoyed these, and mentions them often.  I also think that your wife is an incredible person, and having her live with us feels like living with a friend. I cannot wait to meet you someday.


Any resemblences to Justin?? (Yes, and thank you for passing down that hair!)

I love this photo of Justin and his daddy. Reminds me of pictures I am always taking. :)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Random Tidbits

This post might seem kind of random...mostly because it is.

Last month, I blogged about our one of a kind kid, so this little pic was forgotten on my blog. I set up a playdate with my older sister Sheila and we went to Gardener Village (which is basically down the street from me) for their "Queen of Hearts" event, a Girls Night Out of SHOPPING! We didn't buy much, but we had a fantastic time.

Recently, when Caleb asked for a puppy, we, being the softies that we are, bought him a beta fish. He decided to name the little fella "Goldie." Go figure since he's purple. (As if the name is not silly enough, I enjoy calling him Goldilocks.) I will have to show an actual pic of him later b/c the ones I've got will not "Rotate clockwise" for me. I am totally not a pet person, so this will have to do for my boy!

We went to my niece Alexa's first birthday party last Sunday. I totally forgot it was April Fools Day and I fell for two big jokes that were played. Cindy had Alexa open a present of a onesie that said "I am going to be a big sister!", and I got all excited
 about it. Then my nephew Brayden (who was pretending his ankle was hurt and wearing a boot) tripped over his crutches and faked that he re-injured his "hurt" leg. I was bent over and rubbing his shoulder and about to ask someone to get some ice when both my sister and him announced they were just April fooling. Sheesh, I'm gullible!

Yesterday Justin got back from a 5 day business trip to Saint George. Five days! Naturally, I wasn't excited for him to go, but we did just fine! It is so nice to have him around, and his help each day, but it was a good feeling that I was able to hold down the fort without him. The house was even more clean than usual because the time I would've spent with him at night, I spent cleaning and organizing things! I missed him, but it helped that he called me several times each day.

A few things we say all the time...

"Ho-Li-Caow"...said like a "hick." He likes to talk like a hick lately (when we're in the truck and listening to Country music), and I laugh hystarically.

"You little tease-muffin!"...Not sure why I started saying it, but Caleb is always being funny so I say it a lot.

"Stop being so cute!"...I say this to Caleb and it is so fun, because the faces he makes as I keep saying it get funnier and cuter by the second. You should try this with your kids. They don't know how to turn the cuteness off!

"I already 'saul' (saw) it!"....He has always said it this way.

"Look at this "dicament" (predicament) I'm in!".....Where did he learn that word?!

All of us:
"Whattu!!" It means "What the!!" Justin started this and now we all say it when we are surprised about something.

And since it is Easter weekend and I don't have any cute Easter pic's yet, here are a couple of oldies, but goodies...