Tuesday, July 24, 2012

SEALed with a Kiss

Our camera broke a few weeks ago, so I don't really have pictures to share this time (besides a couple of oldies). So I hope I can make this post interesting anyway.

First, a couple cute things Caleb has said lately...

"Mommy, what's more 'portant for us...Jesus or Water?" Wow, where does he come up with these things?

Caleb: "Why don't some people have any kids or babies?"
Me: "Well, who are you talking about?"
Caleb: "Like Teacher Joy??" (His preschool teacher who is a grandma)

Now, a few things we have going on...

Sealed with a Kiss: July 7, 2004
Justin and I recentlly celebrated our 8th Anniversary! We went to the Park City Marriott and had a great time shopping, eating out and just being together. I didn't get around to the awesome blog post I was planning to write about our marriage, but that's okay. True love doesn't have to be proved to anyone. I love sharing my life with my best friend!

Justin:     Work and family, you know the usual. But have you seen his hair lately? I talked him in to growing it out a little and it looks awesome! Can I tell you how much I love his curls? I'll have to post a pic soon. My sister just gave me her old camera. :)

Me:         I am going to be starting a new therapy this week, in hopes to get the rest of my health back. Justin read an article about a month ago about a therapy that helps all types of autoimmune diseases, and he told me about it. This last month I have been reading a lot about it and getting excited because my husband supports me in trying it although it's quite expensive. The therapists that provide it are in the U.K. or Mexico! Anyway, the therapy is a probiotic patch I will put on my arm, which is supposed to provide the means to calm down my immune system so it doesn't overreact to everything. It Includes 3 years of follow up product and over the phone assistance. They have 80% success rate within 4-6 months with issues exactly like my own. It's near impossible to find stats that high with any medicine or therapy! Anyway, I am feeling hopeful and excited. Here's to hoping that I can eat my families delicious Christmas dinner this winter without getting sick???!!!

I am also excited about this upcoming new begninning...Kindergarten for Caleb, in just over a month!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer Fun

Justin's super-busy time of year at work is March- mid June. His hours are so long and his days so stressful that when things slow down in June, he wants to take days off to spend time with his family! He has taken several days off in the last few weeks, and we have all loved it. Here are a couple of the things we have done together. 

 We went on a short hike in the canyon to this cute little waterfall. Caleb loved it. And Justin took a bunch of pictures.

 He put this one on as his phones wallpaper.


Justin wanted to take a pic of me next to this danger sign. I used to be a thrill seeker, but this is as dangerous as I get anymore. Life is too precious, and I've realized that I'm not invincible!

The following weekend, we went to the Kennecott Copper Mine. I hadn't been since I was a kid, so I'm glad Justin talked me into it. Look how HUGE the tires on the mining trucks are! Can you even see Caleb next to it?

In case you were wondering what interesting animals have been hanging around our place THIS week, here they are. Newly hatched birdies, huddled in the space between our pillar and our roof, right where their mom built her nest. We get to hear the cutest little chirps all day long!