Thursday, February 28, 2013


Caleb's First Valentine to Mommy. It says:
"I love you because it's Valentines, and you are my mom". 
From Caleb, Love Caleb.
What a boyish, straight-to-the-point message. 
And the cool oragami-heart opens up to a beautiful message from my hubby too! Not telling what it said, but I L-O-Vee-E-D it!
I love that he can really write how he feels.

Caleb's first ever love letter from a girl! 
He didn't think too much of it until I said "Caleb, she LOVES you!" 
And he said "I wish it said LIKE!!"
Anyways, Kate isn't even in his class, she's in the morning class! But she knows him from summer soccer and must've been crushing on him ever since. Needless to say, I texted her mom about this cuteness, and sent Caleb with a ring (pop) and card to put in Kate's cubby for V-day!

Thought I would share that Caleb loves all things blanket, pillow and stuffed animal. You can't really tell, but he's got all of his stuffed animals back there with him, and he usually has all of his bed blankets and pillows with him too. He loves to roll around and play with them all, usually behind the huge couch cushions!

OMG, am I really posting this? Caleb and I attempted to make a Love Song Video for Justin one day, and well, let's just say I'm not a singer or guitar player, so be nice!
This is just a few seconds of the middle of it...
(Ingrid Michaelson's "The Way I Am")

I decided that for memories sake, I am going to include my recent facebook posts so my family can look back at the little things that I usually don't remember by the time I get around to blogging. 
(So you've prob already read these, just sayin')....

 January 13, 2013
On the way home from Stake Confernece today this was the convo in the car:
Caleb: "We are going to have an emergency family meeting!"
Us: "We are? What is it about?"
Caleb: "It's about we don't spend enough time together anymore (yeah right!) so tomorrow we're going to go to a movie phe-ater!"
Us: Laughing and so proud of our clever little dude.

February 4, 2013
"What if all you woke up with today, is what you thanked God for yesterday?" 

When I kneel down down with little Caleb at night, he thanks God for everything (including his nightlight), and he doesn't ask for ANYTHING. I'm so inspired.

February 22, 2013
I have the cutest husband ever. The house smells amazing because he just made bacon, eggs and hashbrowns. And yesterday he only had 4 minutes before he needed to leave for trax, so how did he spend that time? He made hot pancakes for Caleb! Then took his healthy packed lunch with his homemade cut and peeled carrots. I can't get over it all!! 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Another Busy Month!

Last month, we started a fun little Tradition called "MONDAY FUN-DAY". Here are some fun things we have done...the first is a trip to Scheels, just mommy, Caleb and little Jaxon who we watch several days during the week. They can easily fool others that they are bro's, at 18 months apart!

Caleb's favorite, the Ferris Wheel ride!!!

On MLK day we took Caleb bowling for his first time ever, and once he got the hang of it a bit, he loved it! 

Daddy had the day off, so we went first thing in the morning and had most of the place to ourselves for a bit! I lost count of how many strikes and spares this amazing guy got!

I'm not quite strong enough to do things like bowl yet, but I probably had just as much fun as they did. I truly find joy in much smaller things 
than I used to, and I love it.

 This picture is for Azy and Chris. We told Caleb to do the Gus bowling pose, and he knew just what we were talking about!

And a few more things we have been up to this month...
I found this sweet local facebook page where I have sold (& bought!) a few things, including this coat which has been my favorite for like 5 years! 
I'll miss you my coat.

I have also been buying a few super cute decorations for the house which is so fun for me, and Justin has been cooking up a storm! He is a champ in the kitchen...check out his "street vendor taco's!" 
See what I mean?

Caleb loves his daddy's cooking too!

My sis Sheila was due with her baby girl at the end of January (kid #6!), and at the last second, I decided to throw her a little party with our fam! This is her only other daughter, Kisha who was so excited to be getting a sister!

And here she is! Little McKenna Joy, whom I could NOT WAIT to hold.

She is absolutely precious! Too bad I don't live closer so I can hold her whenever I want!

And that's finally all folks!