Sunday, September 16, 2012

Happy Dad!

Happy Birthday to my dad tomorrow! He is turning 61, and I am taking Caleb to his birthday party tonight. (Justin is staying home because he pulled his back out yesterday and can't move too much yet).
These pictures were taken on my dad's 60th birthday last year.
They somehow never made it to the blog yet!

Some of the things I love most about my dad are that he is kind, soft-spoken, a good listener, a caring person, and consistently there when you need him. I try to sneak in a conversation with him when he answers the phone, even if I called to talk to my mom. And he doesn't get upset if I bug him with one of my problems when he's at work either!
A few of my favorite things I've done with my dad are:
"Dissy way, Daddy Way" when I was really, really small. Also walking on the ceiling and being a "big sack of sugar!!!" while flung over his shoulder.

Singing a duet with him in sacrament meeting when I was about 7 or 8.
So cute.

Having him come to my track meets in highschool to cheer for me. He had to take off work early, which he doesn't normally do.
The way he has bonded with my husband, over their commonalities with their careers.

The way he loves my mom, and is a good example for how to love.
All of the blessings, love, and support he has given me these last few years.

I love you dad, from the bottom of my heart!
Hope your birthday is great!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Kindergarten Caleb

Caleb's first day of Kindergarten was on Thursday, September 6. He is in the afternoon class of Mrs. Lougy, who won the Teacher of The Year Award last year. Sweet!
Did this monumental day seem like a bigger deal to me or Caleb?
Mmmmm, I'm going to go with me.
It hit when preschool got over in the beginning of the summer, the realization that my baby would be going to big boy school. I had some emotional moments, but as summer went on, the sad emotions turned to excited ones.

It was quite a fight to get Caleb to even get his pictures taken so a crooked smile and no eye contact will do.
(With his friend and classmate Spencer)
I felt totally fine until this point, when Mrs. Lougy told the kids to say "Bye Mommy and Daddy!" The way Caleb said it was so sweet, and unexpected tears sprung to my eyes. And off they went!
I told Justin as we walked back to the car that I was surprised I teared up.
He said he wasn't!

Guess he's a big boy now. (Sob!)