Sunday, June 30, 2013

One Small Happy Family

today I decided I need to blog anyway! I have a bunch of pictures from various sources that I've needed to get on here, so here you have it. 
A few of our moments among the last couple of months. (Some of the pics are a little blurry, via my new phone/mothers day present from Justin.)

Baby McKenna was blessed (sister Sheila's 6th)


We went to the Aquarium with our friend Noell.

This is the start of our kitchen remodel, our low ceilings are now vaulted! 
We love it....more changes to come.

We went to the Great Salt Lake last month because Justin had never, ever been!

We handed Caleb the camera and look what we saw when he handed it back! He's a pro.
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Caleb was so excited when we got to the water and he started splashing and laughing...for about 10 seconds until the salt water started stinging his eczema. Then his laughter turned to bawling, and we had to leave. But he cheered up when we told him we were going to dinner.

Ally Gal got her hair cut, and I think it looks cutest when she does absolutely nothing with it. 
Why do I love short hair so much? I just do.

Kids will be kids.

Free Fishing Day! We met up with my sis Sheila and her fam at East Canyon Reservior. 
Good times.

Lastly, my oldest sis Krystal got married 2 weeks ago.

It was a wonderful day!