Tuesday, March 19, 2013


 I never did post any of our Christmas photo shoot pics on the blog!
I haven't really taken any new pictures lately, so here ya go.
And since the past month hasn't been too eventful either, here are a few "Sealism's."
Oh, it's a word.

"Caleb, you can't watch this, it's a daddy show." 
We also refer to a few shows as "mommy shows" and "Caleb shows". Luckily we find a few crossover movies we can all watch once in awhile, such as "The Diary of a Wimpy Kid". And Caleb tries to sneak in and watch The Big Bang Theory with his parents sometimes, ha ha.

When Caleb or Justin say or do something funny, my latest response is "You're such a Sill!" or "Oh you little Sill!" (meaning "silly", but they think I'm  calling them a Seal, and it just works.)

Our little boy decided that when we have another child (I should probably say when/if) we should name him or her one of the following. And I swear he came up with these names completely on his own: 

Girl: "Ollie"

Boy: "Muck" or "Putz"

Let's just say that we better hope for a girl someday, because it's the only name that's not an insult, and actually a little bit cute!

 Happy March! 
I cannot wait to finally put away our coats and winter clothes!