Saturday, May 19, 2012

Busy Busy!

We have been SO busy lately, that I have left a lot of my favorite internet sites in the dust, including facebook, pinterest, and our blog! (This is opposite from the norm for me.)This weekend is the first time I have felt that I have a minute to catch up. So here you have it, a few things we have been doing lately.

Caleb had a pre-school fieldtrip and got to ride Teacher Joy's horse.

 He got to do this last year too, and boy does he love it.

We went to the City Creek Center downtown about a month after it opened.
Caleb loved the water fountains and his pizza dinner.

 We flew Caleb's new birthday kite at our West Jordan park.

It was a sunny and windy day, and I loved laying on the grass watching the kite overhead.
Then Justin handed me the kite string. Wow, those winds really were strong!

In the 8 years I have lived here, these 2 ducks (I think it's these same ones) have camped out in our backyard almost every spring, and the mama duck usually lays her eggs there! One morning this week I found them on our front porch, so I quietly hid next to the door and rang the doorbell for Caleb to find some of his favorite friends at his door. They probably came for some breakfast becasue Caleb always likes to feed them!
(When I opened the front door, they walked up like I was inviting them in! Not gonna happen.)

Here is an example of one of the reasons that we have been so busy lately. We have been fixing up the house, including our guest bathroom, a new tile entry, a couple new doors, a new roof, and a new sprinkler system is coming! Justin is doing a lot of this himself, and I am going crazy trying to clean up around a construction zone.  
 I think I'm going to paint the trim on that little mirror black to match too.
Busy, busy!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Family Pictures