Sunday, October 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday MOM! She turns 60 today and I wanted to dedicate this post to her. So here are some messages from her 5 kids, 3 son-in-laws, and 13 grandkids! We are going to present it to her tonight at her b-day party, on the TV (if dad hooks it up for us!) Can't wait!
Connie Haddon, Rick Haddon



From Krystal:
Happy Birthday to my wonderful mother! I am so grateful to have been born into your home and been taught by your example. We were taught in the morning as children with things like Devotional that showed us the importance of scriptures and prayer and church songs. We were also taught by the things you didn't say out loud, but did everyday. Our home was clean and dinner was always a family event. I appreciate the structure you offered with chores and homework, and I even more enjoyed the unstructured time. When you would play Barbies with me, or do rock and sing on the rocking loveseat. I learned so many Hymns and primary songs, and I love them. We sang the fun songs, too and they made lasting memories. You made lunch for our Dad every morning and kissed him openly in front of us when he would come home. We knew how important your celestial marriage is to you. At Christmas you always had things made near the doorway to give away as reciprocal presents when gifts arrived to our family. I thought that was so great! Your hands are always busy in doing or making good things. As an adult you have become more than just my mother, who helps watch my children and offers wisdom when I need it, you are a beloved friend. I am glad you have learned so much about health, and hope it affords you many many healthy years with Daddy and with us and your grandchildren. I love you so much! I am proud to be your daughter and hope your Birthday and the coming year are incredible!!
love, Krystal
From Tyson:
Have a wonderful Birthday Grandma! I always have fun on Christmas Eve with all the traditions we do at your house. You are a good example of faith, I will try to be as faithful as you. I love you, and hope you have a great year!
love, Tyson
From Brayden:
Happy Birthday Grandma!! I hope you have a nice day today. Thanks for all you have done for me. I am always excited when I get to go to Grandma's house, because I love being with my extended family. I really love your cooking. I love you Grandma, Happy Birthday!!!
love, Brayden
From Alyssa:
Happy Birthday, Grandma!!! I love going to your house whenever I am able to. I think you are the most wonderful grandma in the world! I hope you have a really great birthday! I enjoy making things with you, and playing games with you. I love you!! I enjoy the times you babysit me. I think you are beautiful and I like all of your pretty things.
love, Alyssa
From Logan:
Happy Birthday Grandma! I like the days you watch me better than the days I go to Buddy Bins. I like playing with you Grandma. I like to hug you. I like taking naps at your house. Thank you for being a nice Grandma. I love you!!!
love, Logan :)

From Sheila:
Mom, Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great one. Thank you for being our rock. You've always been there for us with never ending support. You are a shinning example of what a faithful LDS woman should be, and have been always constant and never wavering. Thank you for your friendship & the understanding advice you've given us over the years. Thank you for everything.
Love Always, Sheila
From K.J:
Connie, Thank you for being such a good mother in law, for being good to your grand kids, and you've always been there when we needed your help.
Happy Birthday!
Love, KJ

From Kisha:
Grandma, I love to spend time with you! Im grateful for your cooking and for what a great example you are to me. I love our family traditions like pool parties and shares our testimonies on christmas eve. I love you grandma! Happy Birthday!
Love, Kisha
From Kyler & Gavin:
Grandma, I like it when you rock & sing with us and read us books. I love going to your pool to swim, to swing on the swings and slide down your slide. It was really fun to slide on the slip and slide this summer.
Happy Birthday!
Love, Kyler & Gavin
From Scott:
Reasons to love mom even more. She is very loving & kind mother. The great love for the gospel that mom has expressed and shown. A great woman to be around. Happy Birthday Mom!
Love, Scott


From Michelle:
Dear mom, you are one of my greatest friends! You are such a good person; I know that  you love each of your children and grandchildren so much! I appreciate that you invite all of us over on Wednesday's to spend the afternoon with you. I look up to you in many ways. You are such a good example in the gospel, you have a really fun personality, you love dad so much and plan such fun dates and trips, concerts, plays and festivals with him. You raised us each so well, and it's because you cared so much and worked so hard with us while we were children. Thank you for all of the times you have been there for me when I have needed you. And thank you for being such a giving person. I love you so incredibly much!
Love, Michelle
From Justin:
Happy Birthday Connie! I'm sorry that I had to work during your party. I hope you enjoy the chocolate cake that Caleb made you. Thanks for hosting so many wonderful family get togethers! And thank you for all of the ways you helped Michelle while she was so sick. I know it wasn't easy, but it was so nice to have some help. You've been a great mother-in-law.
Love, Justin
From Caleb:
I love that you invite me to your house and I get to play with the other grandkids. I am sad when I can't come on Wednesday's because of school. I remember when you would come to my house, sit me on your lap and sing songs that you made up about my favorite stuffed animals. I really love you Gromma!
Love, Caleb

From Cindy:
"Mom has influenced my life in every way. Because of her, I am raising my children in the gospel. Because of her, I have a true testimony of the church, of our prophet, of the Book of Mormon, and of the atonement of Jesus Christ. I admire her relationship with the Savior, and don't know anyone else with such great gifts of inspiration and revelation. I also appreciate how much she cares about my family and my children. She is so sweet with my kids; I want to be a cute grandma just like her. Love you, Mom!"
Love, Cindy
From Joel:
"I love that Mom cares about all of us and wants to be involved in our lives. I enjoy seeing her and like knowing that she wants to see us."
Love, Joel
From Ethan: 
"I love Grandma because she tickles me and she makes me like a bell and she loves me. "
Love, Ethan
From Cassidy:
"I love grandma because she is so special. She loves to play the Castle with me. I love you so much, Grandma. Happy Birthday!"
Love, Cassidy
Alexa loves to give grandma kisses. 
HAPPY 60th Momma! We Love You!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Few Simple Highlights

Caleb played his first season of soccer this year. I am sad to say (especially for Justin's sake) that he didn't like it much. For 4 weeks, he had two games and one practice per week. That's a lot for such little kids! There is a happy ending though.....after the last game, Caleb asked when the next soccer season starts! I think he finally started feeling more confident playing, and he decided he likes it afterall!
Needless to say, my soccer husband is happy now. 
And I was extremely happy when Caleb took 2nd palace at a kids race at the Woods Cross Track and XC alumni races yesterday. If Caleb chooses track as one of his sports, I will be elated. (Sorry, no pic. I took video only.)
This picture was taken on a fun hike/walk we took around mirror lake. We went with Alison (g-ma), Paulette & Doug (bro & sis in-law) and the kids. 
Oh yeah, this was another small hike we did before we got to mirror lake.
Such a fun time.

A couple other things I'm up to....
In September, I started watching a little boy that's almost 4 years old.  He's a really calm and sweet kid, and it has been really fun. He and Caleb have totally different personalities, but they get along well. Their size difference  and big blue eyes make them look they are brothers when we go out.
A blonde and a redhead. Cute!
I am helping out in Caleb's kindergarten class every other week, and spying on him to make sure he is being good. My favorite thing that I've seen so far is that he already has the pledge of allegiance memorized! Whattttttt? Little smartie.