Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lovin' Me Some February

I love that I have been able to take Caleb on all of his preschool fieldtrips this year, because last year my neighbors had to take him. I was sad that he wouldn't sit still long enough for me to take any good pic's of him at the Living Planet Aquarium the other day, but I had fun anyway! 
Looking at a frog

All I wanted for this last Christmas was a rug for my front room, but by the time I chose one and it finally came, it was almost February! So here it is. After I got used to it, I decided that I love it.

 We cancelled our cable TV this month, so I've been watching shows like "Studio 5" a bit. This is dangerous, because it turns me into a domestic diva that wants to make everything cuter, yummier, and more creative than before. love the Valentine's Cards I made for Caleb's friends.

The card I actually used is the last one, with the "lollipop."

This is the picture that I chose for his cards.
The message I made up for the back of the card says:
"If you will be mine, we'll have a "lolli" good time!"

I also love these next pic's, because Caleb is definately
having a "good time."

Part of the Valentine gift I gave Justin was home made chocolate dipped strawberries. I love that he loves these semi-healthy treats. 

I love, love the homemade Valentine Card Justin gave me, and the
fun date we went on. I swear I fall more in love every year!

 I love the days (or hours) that have been really nice outside. On this day, I sat on the front porch swing and watched Caleb get toted around the neighborhood by his friend. It was cute.

Every night, Caleb begs me to climb in his bed and snuggle him for a bit. (Ever since I did that one night months ago). I usually do, because he is my only, and he won't be little forever! And also because I love it too. We call it our "slumber party."
I also love the mornings that I wake up before my little guy and I get
 to see how cute he is when he sleeps. Snuggled up to that favorite
little doggy of his of course!


...Aaaaw, the month of LOVE.