Monday, November 19, 2012

Seal Lingo

When you don't have a camera (getting it this week!), you have to get creative with your blog. Today you get to learn a little bit of "Seal Lingo."
What you might hear at our house, and what it might mean.....

Plus, what's a post from me without any great old pics?!

"Caleb, you need to eat that in the kitch." 
Duh on the meaning.

"Caleb, please clean up your restaurant."
 The kitchen chair he sits on and stool he puts in front of him with his food on it. He pulls it to the edge of the kitchen so he can still eat in there, but watch Sprout on the front room TV too.

"What-ev." and "What-ev to your what-ev."
 When Justin and I are joking around which we do a lot. Dumb, I know.

"Good job, Bug."
Our term of endearment. I mean, "bud" is overused, right?

"It's time for Slumber Party!"
Our special mommy and Caleb time right before Caleb goes to bed. We lay in his bed and talk, but lately we use a flashlight to shine on his sight words which are on his dresser and the ceiling. He's learning so many new words!

"Good night Toybox!"
Caleb and I say this right before he goes to sleep every night. He started it, and I'm not even going to try to explain, b/c it's too silly for the normal brain.

"Fruity Pop" and "Fruity Shake"
Fruit smoothies that Justin makes almost every day. Caleb usually drinks it as a Fruity Shake, but sometimes I pour it into our popsicle makers and turn them into Fruity Pops for him. Yum.
"Whuss that?? Iss Gamma. Iss scary Gamma!"
 One day when I was video recording Caleb when he was 3, he said this when he heard his grandma walking up the stairs. Now it's one of several things that we repeat a lot. All of us, including "Gamma". Can you believe the sense of humor on this kid is, even at age 3?!
I should really post the vid because it is hilarious!!
It seems to me that Caleb got both of our ridiculous senses of humor!!!
"Good job, Bug!"

Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween Hoopla

PREFACE: A couple of months ago our camera broke, so please excuse the fuzzy cell phone pictures, compliments of Justin. For Christmas I am asking for a camera, and Santa said he might bring it really early, like hopefully next week, so we can get pics of the holidays!
The weekend before Halloween we/I had things going on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, AND Monday night! This included a Girls Night @ Leatherby's, School Carnival, Ward Party, Two birthday parties, and then one night off before Halloween!  
This pic here is at Caleb's school carnival. He had fun, but probably shouldn't have started off in the Bounce House with this HOT Tigger costume. The hat came off real quick!  Although I knew his Thomas costume would've been an even worse idea at the carnival! So big and cumbersome!
Here we are at the ward party. The truth about this adorable costume is that anywhere we went, it lasted 5 minutes or less before it was taken off and stashed in the corner of the room. Or on Halloween night, after about 5 houses, it was taken off, and Justin wore it. (So funny! Wish I could've taken a pic!) Anyway, at the ward party, Justin dressed as Where's Waldo. Can you find him in this picture?? 

 I drive a big truck everyday (thanks to Justin!), I mostly listen to Country music, and I dream of living in a cottage in the country someday, so a Cowgirl costume seemed really fitting for me! A few weeks ago, my mom lent me the key pieces to my outfit. (Everything but my shirt and jeans, which are pieces from my closet that I wear regularly.)
 I felt really happy wearing this, I must be a hick at heart, ha, ha!