Saturday, May 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Son!

Caleb's birthday was on April 14th, and I have tried for  a couple of weeks, but finally got his pictures to upload here! His birthday was on a Sunday, and we threw him a party with his friends the day before.

They ate pizza and cupcakes,

Played in the backyard where the party was planned for until the weather turned cold and rainy on us,

Hit a Cars Pinata (the party theme),

 Ate candy while watching the movie CARS 2,

And watched anxiously as he opened presents.
So basically, just your typical birthday party!

 That night we took Caleb out for a birthday dinner,

and Caleb & I struggled to get a decent picture together for some reason!

Caleb's favorite part was when he was sung to and brought out his 
ice cream sundae.
Happy 6th Caleb!! 
Daddy and I feel completely fulfilled with you as our son!