Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Phenomenal Father

This is a typical scene in our home. These two are always bonding in one way or another. It probably wasn't the nicest of me to sneak in and snap a pic of Caleb and daddy while they were eating breakfast, but sometimes you've gotta get some candids! So minus the chewing faces (still cute in my opinion), look how sweet they look in their matching Father's Day attire! We gifted the ties to Justin last night, because it was killing Caleb not to tell him what we got for him. But let's be real, I'm probably the only one who got really excited about the ties. (Maybe too excited as you will see in the pic below where I matched their blue and black at church today too!)
By Caleb Seal
(Filled out in primary, where I was subbing in his class)

My dad is 34 years old.
Caleb was the only kid that knew the correct answer to this question. He could also tell you how old I am too.
My dad was born in our house.
Of  course he was, haha! We are always telling him that daddy has lived in this house since he was born.
My dad's favorite color is red.
That's a pretty good guess, since he's a big U fan, but I'm going to ask Justin b/c I don't think I know!
My dad always says "C'mon Bud!"
Very true, Justin takes Caleb pretty much everywhere he goes, even to his own dentist appointments!
My dad's job is working on the door.
Justin has been fixing a bunch of doors in our house lately, so since Caleb has no clue what daddy really does for work, he thought of the work he has been seeing daddy do this weekend.  
The first thing my dad does in the morning is get dressed.
That's silly! Why do you get dressed before you shower Justin??
My dad laughs when I make funny faces.
Yes, that, and all of the funny things that he says. Which I inevitably repeat in case Justin missed it.
My dads favorite food is sandwiches.
I was thinking he'd say pizza, but ham and cheese sandwiches, grilled cheese sandwiches, and the occasional PB&J all with a side of chips seem to be some favorites too.
I love my dad because he takes me places.
True, like when I woke up from an indulgent Sunday nap this afternoon to find they rode their bikes to the park, where they were hanging out and looking at bugs.

No kidding, Justin is an absolute PHENOMENAL father.


Monday, June 11, 2012

Birds, Doctors, and Girlfriends! OH MY!

First, a few pics from Caleb's last day of preschool.
They had a field trip to Tracy Aviary.

I was in charge of these two cuties. Our neighbor Davis is one of Caleb's best friends, and they look like they could be brothers.
(Or on this day, ironically like twins!)

 A few of his besties...

Apparently "CHEESE" isn't the best word to say anymore.

Sadly, Caleb got extremely sick on his preschool graduation day, and he ended up with an IV instead of a diploma that day. But look what a good sport he was. (After he got some electrolites back!)

The other day, Caleb told me that Miranda (the girl next door) is his "girlfriend."
So yesterday, they were wearing twinner outfits (ironic!) and I asked him who his girlfriend is, because I felt she deserved to know.
 He exclaimed "Miranda!" and she grinned from ear to ear.

She obviously has no problems with that, so I called her
 mom so we could laugh about the news.