Sunday, August 12, 2012


Caleb just finished a course of 10 days of swimming lessons. We signed him up the day after we got home from Snowbird, where he sat on the steps at the pool the whole time. He really enjoys swimming as long as he can touch the bottom of the pool, which made this pool the perfect place for lessons. (Minus that it was indoor which bummed me out).
Caleb did great and absolutely loved it. And a class of all boys too!

On Monday afternoon, I went to get the mail and along with it I found the cutest card made by Caleb for Cindy, our mail lady (whom we adore!). It was colored, stapled and simply adorable! It even said "To Cindy, From Caleb" and had a large print "Thank You" message. The funny thing is, I had no clue about it! When I brought it in the house and asked Caleb about it, he yelled "That's for Cindy!" He grabbed it and ran it back out to the mailbox. Come to find out the kids made these cards in primary!  I also found out we had a mail sub that day  because Cindy's dog had died. So Caleb made her day when she was feeling sad the next day! Here is a note we found in our mailbox a few days later...
Cindy said she had to write "balloons" b/c her husband said they looked like little "spermies", lol.
Justin has been taking Caleb on early Saturday morning daddy outings, so cute. The last two weeks  included Ensign Peak and the South Jordan Hot Air Balloon fest.

 Last week when my neice Maddie was over, Caleb wanted to make a hat like the one he saw in his Curious George show. He tried to explain to us how to make it, and we were really confused because it was so detailed. After a failed attempt, we pulled up his show online so we could see it, and about an hour after we started, we had this (see below). Then Caleb decided he wanted to sell the first hat we made for 25 cents. So we wrote the price on it and he put it on our porch. Later, there was a knock on the door, a quarter on the porch and no hat! Caleb was elated!
(Great idea Maddie, thanks!)

On my baby sis's birthday, she invited us all to her house for Karaoke and cake. Look at my cute parents singing! But really I wanted to post this pic because I'm glad I got my older brother Scott in it. Just wanted to say what a nice guy he is and how much I love him. He is always the fun one with all of the kids, and baby Alexa (Cindy's) will go to him over anyone else. He is almost always holding her.
Seriously, just a sweet, sweet guy.

And a few more pics from Snowbird that I found on the camera that wasn't working for a bit. 

When we came out of the Canyon, we were dazzled by the most beautiful sunset.


Monday, August 6, 2012

Last Weekend: Snowbird Family Reunion

Every year, Justin's moms side of the family goes up to Snowbird for a family reunion for the whole weekend. We usually only go up for a day or two, but we have a good time! I don't think our pictures going up the mountain on the tram stood a chance to turn out non-fuzzy with the speed we are moving, but I like them anyway so here they are.. (Thanks Aze and Chris for taking them).

Caleb with his cutie cousin Gus.

 Atop the mountain, it was beautiful!

Back at the lodge. We spend a lot of time visiting with family there too.
See you next year Snowbird!