Monday, August 12, 2013

Summer Schmorgisboard

Schmorgisboard: a large quantity of something with diverse variation,  
(on a board or blog.)

I'm not really proud of the way that I have been blogging lately...sparse and sporadic. I'm blaming it on the phone Justin got me for mother's day, because that's what I always use for my internet needs lately, but
I can't figure out if it's possible to blog from there. I love the feeling of finishing a good blog post, so I am going to start doing it more often again.(You'll see!)
P.S. I know some of these pictures are from a few months ago, but our blog is our memory spot, so I just have to fit in the oldies that have been left out! (aka, my birthday)

My 32nd birthday, a party at aunt Maradee's house 
b/c it was Tevan's birthday too!

And I had another party that night, this time at my parents house.

 Our thing this summer has been going to splash parks. Caleb and I got a little lost going to one in Bountiful with my family, and this little street sign was the only good thing about our detour.

Caleb loves wearing his "U" hat and shirt. 
He dressed himself like this before I even woke up!

On (most) Wednesday's, we go to my mom's house 
and visit while the kiddos run wild. 
(Am I spoiled with 3 sisters, and 4 sis-in-laws? I think so!)

This is my niece Maddie and I when several of us 
went to the pool at their apartment.

Caleb and I went on an evening run to Winco. I told him to put on his jammies before we left, and these are the ones he chose, with crocs.

These are some pictures from our recent family reunion trip to Snowbird with the Densley's. Sorry about the fuzzy ones via my cropping.

Me and Jenny

Off the deck of our room, by Justin.

Caleb's Dennis the Menace hair. My favorite do on him.

A leisurely walk, in the rain!

Every kids hot cocoa by the lobby.

The three blondies.
(with Kortnie and her friend Taylor)

This wasn't staged, we were really sitting like this.

Little Diva's.

It is so beautiful up there!

And lastly, a mommy-son day at the West Jordan pool. We ran into a lot of inconveniences that afternoon (like how a kid pooped in the pool 15 minutes after Caleb got in, and he had to sit out with me for 30 minutes! Also they have no lawn chairs, super non-comf!)
But at least we got a fun pic and memory out of it. :)