Thursday, December 6, 2012


We hope your birthday is a great one! First, here are a few messages from some of your biggest fans...
"Dear Daddy,
I love you so much that it's almost too much. I love it when you play soccer with me outside, and you try to tag me with the ball, but sometimes you didn't. I love it when you take me to the library or to the store that gives free cookies. You are very nice and I really like how you do stuff for me.
Dear Justin,
I know I tell you this all the time, but you really are an incredible husband and father. I am so very blessed to be able to spend my life with you. Thank you for "loving me the way I am." I love you just the way you are too!
Happy Birthday to a fabulous son.
Who else would let his mom live with his family?
And as tradition...a few old pics to go along with some things I want to thank you for:
Thanks for all the times you read to Caleb, or help him in other ways.
Thanks for letting both of us harass you in so many ways.

I mean, really. We have bugged you a lot. At 6 a.m. sometimes. 
Thank you for making me laugh every single day since I've known you.
Thank you Justin Crocker, for all of the times you have cooked meals, etc.
You're amazing.
 Thank you for being a family man, and an all-around charming man.
(Pics right before we started our family together.)

 Wow, what a ride it's been!
 Last of all, a couple of inside joke youtube vid's for Justin:
Because he loves this song/video, and I laugh about it, but turns out it's a really cool song with an awesome story.
Because I decided I was going to record Caleb and I singing this song with his guitar for Justin's birthday, because I think the lyrics apply to us. Turns out I did record it, but chickened out on posting it here. Maybe if we can cut it down to 10 seconds. Maybe.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Back to November

Happy belated Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas! Especially the Merry Christmas part, because Santa delivered and I finally have a camera. Hence the tons of pictures!
And way too many of me because Justin just grabs and snaps! Especially when Caleb is nowhere to be found! Luckily there are a few of the two of them too.
Thanksgiving Dinner at my Mom's:
 Caleb loves his jello!
Apparently K.J and I were the only ones that knew Justin was taking a pic.
So then he told everyone to say cheese.
But how do you do that when you're chewing?
Chipmunk style.
 So actually we got my camera on Black Friday, so these are still on Justin's phone. He sent this one to me in size small. I'm glad.
At a Black Friday sale, I found feety pajamas for Caleb and couldn't talk myself out of them as hard as I tried! Then I took some pictures and tinkered with the lighting, etc.
He is still my baby, and I love it.

So apparently our new camera has a feature that makes you look
super tall and skinny. Even if your wearing horizontal stripes!
 I know, you're jealous. Or maybe you're just laughing hysterically at this pic like Justin and I did.


Here are a few pics from the Densley Christmas party (Alison's side).
This one is with our 3 month old neice, Azlynn.
She's wearing the Santa outfit that I gave Paulette for her a few months ago. 

 I don't cook much anymore, but this is the huge salad that I made for the Densley Christmas party.
 My family said it was delish! I'll just take their word for it.

We had a great time. Especially Caleb, who you'll notice is running around instead of stopping for pictures.
This is the exact same thing that happened last year!
What is Christmas without traditions, right?!!