Wednesday, January 2, 2013

December Busyness Brings January Laziness!

Last month was so busy and exhausting, I just want to relax for like 6 weeks!
Here are a few things that happened, in no particular order because like I said, I'm relaxing!!!
Caleb's kindergarten class made gingerbread houses
 for their Christmas party, and I got to help!
This is on Justin's birthday, right before we went to dinner with his best
friend Blake and his wife, Isabelle.
Christmas Eve at my parents house. It's an entire evening of traditions and fun!


Bro-in-law Joel told us to make funny faces when he was taking a picture of us.
Caleb's pretty good at that!
Caleb was so cute on Christmas morning, as he was going through his stocking he said "This is the best Santa has ever done!"
And then he sneezed while I took this picture.
Red Velvet & Cream Cheese Christmas Trifle for Christmas dinner with Justins fam. I borrowed the dish from a neighbor and now want to buy one for me. 
We went to "Get Air" to say goodbye to our nephew Zack who is going into the military. Caleb did get lots of air, but the bummer part is, then he got lots of sick.
(That cold that everyone seemed to get after Christmas)
Caleb's first Christmas Snowman this year.
He and Daddy built one in the front and backyard that day.
Caleb got Principal Pride this month, meaning he was an outstanding student!

Look at him standing here like a stud. 
 Caleb wrote a song to the tune "Jingle Bells" that ends with
 "And it's all about Jesus!"
This is not that song though.
I bought a big lollipop just so I could get some
cute pics of Caleb with it like these.


Happy New Year everyone!!!