Saturday, January 11, 2014

Love from My 6 Year-Old

 I just wanted to post a few recent pictures of my favorite little man, and say that he is the sweetest and kindest kid I know. Last Sunday morning Justin told me that Caleb, age 6, was fasting and praying for me to get better from being the "long sick." I literally teared up, and  felt quite emotional. This kid cannot go 20 minutes without food! He said he was going to fast during breakfast, and not eat until lunch after church, at noon. I immediately started praying for him, so he'd be able to make it, with limited stomach pain and discomfort. He did have a lot of stomach pains, but he did it, my son is incredible I tell ya!

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  1. That's honestly the sweetest thing ever. What a great kid !

  2. Holy cow Michelle. I can't believe his faith! He's going to do incredible things. Love you!